A Focus on Safety Permeates Everything We Do

In an industry where weight is measured in tons not pounds, completing each job without accident or incident is of critical importance. At McRay Crane and Rigging, a focus on safety permeates everything we do. We believe with properly maintained equipment, qualified and trained personnel, and a corporate culture where safety is paramount, accidents can be avoided. Our goal is an accident free, incident free work place and we have created a formal set of policies and procedures to achieve this goal.

  • McRay Crane and Rigging employs full-time and CICB Certified Safety Directors
  • All employees participate in a mandatory safety meeting each month.
  • Every lift begins with a job safety analysis to determine potential hazards.
  • All equipment is certified by a third party inspection.
  • All operators are  third party certified.
  • Provides safety orientation for new employees and  ongoing training.